What is productivity?

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As I mentioned in prior posts, this blog will be primary focused on productivity tips and tricks based on articles and posts I find on the internet, because if there's one thing you need to know about me is that I'M NO EXPERT. So don't expect these blogs to be necessarily based on my opinions. With that out of the way, Here are five productive tips that are easy to get started with and how Saxiib can help you with that.


In no particular order....


. Take regular breaks: 

 This may seem counter-productive but taking breaks in short bursts actually helps by making you recover mentally thus making your mind sharper for your upcoming work session. With Saxiib's SaxibTime app, you can set up a "work zone" for a specific time (10min, 25min, 1h) and take 25% of that time for a break (2min, 10min, 25min).

. "One and Done rule

Do you often tend to delay certain tasks that you end up forgetting about them altogether? To combat this, you should add such tasks on your to do-lists so that even if you do not end up doing them, you won't forget about them. With Saxiibbase, you can record edit and delete tasks that are saved in a Firebase database.

. Be accountable.. to yourself!

Accountability is crucial for betterment of oneself. But as a freelancer or student who tend to work or be by themselves often, having someone to keep you straight is not as easy. Which is why self-accountability is very important in order to achieve your goals. Saxiibquiz is a short quiz that let's you check yourself on how your daily workflow.


. Collaberate

Productivity is often seen as a solo affair but it shouldn't be that way. As a matter of fact, Working with one or more partners can be a motivating factor for you to push yourself harder in achieving your goals. Our integrated video and chat app allows you to contact friends/colleagues to work together.

. Measured improvement

Too many people tend to think that they need to achieve something big in order to be productive but this is not the case. Rather measured successes, step by step, one stone at a time would get you much further. With Saxiibboard, you can set up a task you do daily and time it to see if you are improving.

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