To begin...

Hey world,

I'm YD, the maker of Saxiib. I decided to build Saxiib out of a simple idea: Get. Things Done! (with a little help.). I went through many productivity sites an apps (I even built one!) and none really helped me. Now this is not necessarily due to the apps themselves but it was mainly due to the fact that I wasn't able to find chemistry with any of these apps (even my own). I couldn't really realized how or why that was case. I have always had a problem with time management and being productive. The apps and sites that I have used were the popular ones, the ones that have supposedly helped thousands if not millions of people. Some of them were working for me during the beginning, always in the beginning. But sooner of later, those apps would either be deleted or simply used. I knew I needed a app/site that will not only fill my needs but also be effective. So I decided that to build my own (again...).  This time however, I've decided to combine all the best tools known to benefit productivity (with my own twists) and bring them together to be my Saxiib (companion) in my quest for productivity. And hopefully, yours as well. 

Until next time,



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